Kodama (dedicated to my friend Lillian)
Studio Ghibli Spell [1/?]

"He’s a tree spirit. He brings good luck. Would you be kind enough to grant us passage through your forest, little one?"

A spell to ensure that you will always have a friend there for you, even when you start to feel lost. This is a spell designed to protect a long-distance friendship, through time and distance. Do this at the same time, from your different locations; doing it while on the phone or Skyping is encouraged, but not necessary. 

From Princess Mononoke, this spell is based off of the friendly kodama spirits that lead Ashitaka, Kohroku, and the wounded rifleman through the spirit forest.

You will need:

-a pink candle (white for substitute)
-rose petals
-fresh leaves
-an athame

To begin, sprinkle the rose petals and leaves around your workspace. This represents you attracting the kodama - they are friendly nature spirits that love foliage. Imagine the friendly little spirits finding the leaves and petals, and then taking an interest in you and your friend. They are playful and happy. 

Focus on your friendship - the things that the two of you have already faced together, the fights you’ve had, the shoulders you’ve cried on, and the laughs you’ve shared. While you’re focusing on this, take the athame and carefully carve their name into the side of your candle. Once finished, set the candle down and light it. During this time, as you watch the candle burn, you may choose to recite something significant to the two of you if you wish; perhaps you share a favorite song, or there’s a prevalent inside joke you love. 

Meditate on your friendship for as long as you want as you watch the flame. Instead of letting the candle burn all of the way down, save it and light it again whenever you feel as though you’re having trouble or drifting apart.