The Forest Spirit
Studio Ghibli Spell [2/?]

“The Forest Spirit brought you back to life again. He wants you to live.”

Use this spell to attempt to heal someone with a physical ailment. From Princess Mononoke, this spell is based off of the moment when Ashitaka’s bullet wound is healed by the Great Forest Spirit.

You will need:
-a drop of your own blood (the fresher, the better)
-a bowl
-purified or distilled water
-a purple candle (red or white would be a sufficient substitute if you don’t have purple)

To begin, light the candle. Set the bowl before you and pour the purified water into it. Think about the person who is ill or hurt; imagine them recovering and doing things that they love, laughing and enjoying life again. Say, (optional: change pronouns and “Spirit” to a fit a deity of your choice)

He who both gives life, 

and takes life away.

Lest I forget,

I give my blood as offering to him.

He is the bringer of eternal sleep,

but also makes the flowers grow.

Spirit, heal this person. I beg of you.

Allow your one drop of blood to fill the water. Take as long as you need to meditate on healing the target. Then, blow out the candle, and pour the water and blood outside.